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Erturul Erdogan on preseason: "It's only the honeymoon period - the marriage will start on October 1"

10:21 PM, 9/26/2023

Runa's head coach summarized the results of the friendly matches and talked about the team's readiness for their VTB United League debut.

- You played your final preseason game. The next one is already official in the VTB United League. Did you manage to do everything you had planned? How well is the team ready for the start of the season?

- We got together very late. We still have a lot to learn: to sort ourselves out, to get to know each other better, to understand the system and how to develop basketball at Runa. Of course, we lost in some preseason games, but I'm glad that all the players were focused and tried to work their hardest every day. Now we are approaching the start of the season in the VTB United League, the match with Avtodor. We'll see how ready we'll be, but basically we haven't done everything yet. We need to improve a lot. It's too early to draw any conclusions now, we've only played preseason games. I always tell the players: it's only a honeymoon - the marriage will start later, on October 1. So we'll see.

- You tried different combinations on the court, starting five. Did you manage to find the necessary balance in the rotation?

- It's very simple: whoever plays well spends more time on the court. I'm not sure we should talk about any balance in the rotation. Although in the preseason games I tried to make sure that everyone got playing time, got to know our system and felt a part of the team.

- How ready are the players physically? Did you manage to avoid injuries during the preseason?

- Yes, we avoided injuries, we avoided the main problem. But we have not yet gained optimal form. Under the current circumstances, it is impossible. We've only had a full squad for three weeks, and the players are still getting to know each other. But even in such conditions we showed very good basketball - that says a lot. I can't say that we are ready for the season one hundred percent. We need to grow with every game during the season and try to win

- There are only a few days left until the first match. What is the most important thing for the team now, in your opinion?

- The most important thing now is our next training session.

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